SHADOWS (Euridice speaks) – Comes back!

photo by 3007wien

A few more days and I will be back in Vienna rehearsing the revival of Elfriede Jelinek’s SHADOWS! Directed by two-time NESTROY Price winner Sabine Mitterecker.

Dates: 31. August; 01., 03. and 05. September

Mitterecker splits the text up among three actresses. Their voices, amplified by microports, float through the space like shadows, even if one has no idea where the bodies belonging to them are located at the moment. The impression of the subtly worked text is thus all the fresher, with all of the three Eurydices receiving tangible personalities to each of whom one would more than happily grant their own rock concert.Martin Pesl / FALTER

For more information click: (I am listed as Sarah Sanders in the cast).



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