"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love." - Rumi

I work with my clients on novel and demanding situations that they encounter. Together we shape their personal goals, like creativity, career, exercise, or just time for self-care and integrate them into their normal life.

As a coach and mentor, I guide you to get to know yourself deeply, and from this understanding, move into action. Giving you the tools to choose consciously and create a life you enjoy.

We take a closer look at the patterns that have manifested in your thoughts and the physical body to then access your genuine wishes and gain new perspectives. Together we'll find immediately applicable and fun solutions to the challenges.

Ultimately, I hope you'll fall in love again with being human and with all that it entails.

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Als Mentorin und Coach helfe ich meinen Klientinnen und Klienten, ein tiefes Verständnis für sich selbst zu entwickeln, sodass sie ihr eigenes Leben selbstbestimmt gestalten können.

Dabei kann es um den Umgang mit neuen oder fordernden Situationen gehen oder darum, individuelle Wünsche – nach Kreativität und Bewegung, nach Erfolg in der Karriere, oder auch danach, Zeit für sich selbst zu finden – miteinander zu vereinbaren.

Wir werden Gedankenmuster aufbrechen, neue Perspektiven gewinnen und Ihre tieferliegenden persönlichen Ziele freilegen. Die Herausforderungen gehen wir mit direkt anwendbaren, spielerischen und kreativen Impulsen und Lösungen an.

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"I used to be very skeptical about coaching, associating it with the online motivational guru’s and generic advice. I am very, very glad that I decided to try working with Sarah despite my prejudice, because my experience could not be more different from these associations. For me, Sarah’s coaching was about really getting to know oneself more deeply, understanding your own and unique thought and behavioral patterns and finding ways to work on the ones that drag you down. Her immense empathy, understanding of bodily responses to emotions and ability to create safe environment to ask deep and challenging questions, helped me really understand myself better. I then tackled some of my patterns and behaviors with fun and practical exercises that she suggested and that we tailored it together to fit my needs and boundaries. Working with her helped me make a massive leap forward at a difficult time."

Magdalena Rola-Janicka
PhD in Finance

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